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Bug of the Month: Termites

The terrifying wood destroying insect is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. The most common termite to this area is the Subterranean.   What Does a Termite Look Like? Similar in size to an ant, termites share similar characteristics. Termites have a straight waste, straight antennae, and wings of the same length.   Some key differences between termites

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Bug of the Month: Fleas

The Cat Flea is the most common flea infesting dogs, cats, rodents, and humans. These wingless parasites feed off the blood of their host, and can multiply at an alarming rate. Found throughout the states of Tennessee and Kentucky, these microscopic pests require early action and prevention to reduce the risk of infestation.   What is

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Why Do Bites Swell

Why Do Insect Bites Swell?

The high-pitched buzz in your ear can only mean one thing – mosquito season is here. We’ve all been there – the itchy red bumps from an insect bite. While we have all experienced these unpleasant bites, we may not know what causes them to swell. Today Ace Exterminating is keeping you in the know, and providing

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The Best Mosquito Repellents

Mosquito season is here. With the rising temperatures, mosquitoes are in full force. It is pertinent that you protect you and your loved ones from mosquito borne illnesses. Using mosquito repellent is a great defense when out and about. Consumer Reports has compiled a list of the best mosquito repellents. The Consumer Reports’ test found that

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Keep the Bugs Away – Pest Proof Home Tips

With summer right around the corner, homeowners may find an influx of insects invading their home. Today we are sharing 5 tricks to prevent pesky pests! Ace Pest Control is here to help you keep your home clean and pest free this summer season!   Seal It Up When preventing bugs, the best place to

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7 Things You Need to Know About Mice Infestations and How To Get Rid of Mice

You hear scratching sounds inside of your walls. Next thing you know you find rodent droppings in your kitchen cabinets. It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your house, when it becomes cold outside in Tennessee and Southern Kentucky rodents are seeking shelter inside of your home, especially the house mouse is a wide-spread nuisance

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